Verrucas are a common foot problem caused by a virus and can be treated with products from a pharmacist.

Diabetics with verrucas should consult their doctor.

The virus is not very infectious but can by picked up from contact with other infected people especially in public swimming pools.

Signs and symptoms

  • Verrucas grow on the sole of the feet and can be painful when walking

Verrucas can be prevented by

  • Using separate face flannels and towels

Treatment at home

Apply cream or paint available from a pharmacist.


Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection which can affect people of all ages and can be treated without visiting your doctor.

Signs and symptoms

  • Broken, sore and itchy skin between the toes
  • Bleeding when scratching
  • Smelly feet

Athlete's foot can be prevented by

  • Washing feet daily, or more often if required
  • Drying thoroughly, especially between the toes
  • Wearing clean woollen or cotton socks
  • Never wearing trainers without socks
  • Avoiding walking barefoot on damp surfaces

Treatment at home

  • Apply antifungal cream or powder available from your pharmacist (continue to treat until your feet have been free of infection for at least a fortnight)


Visiting your Chiropodist

Chiropodists or podiatrists as they are now called, are involved with the total care of the feet and, through the feet, the whole body.

Podiatrists will examine and advise on correct footwear, minor problems such as verrucas, or in-growing toenails which will then be treated.

Hammer toes and bunions can also be treated surgically under a local anaesthetic.

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