Annual physical health checks




People with certain mental health diagnosis are entitled to an annual physical health check.

If you have a long-term mental health condition such as schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, other psychoses, or if you are taking anti-psychotic medication you should be receiving an invitation for an annual physical health check. The health check will include a blood test, blood pressure check, height and weight check and some lifestyle questions about alcohol and smoking.

It is important to attend an annual physical health check to identify any conditions before they develop by having a few simple tests. This helps find any health problems early and means you can discuss any health concerns you may have so that you get the treatment or support you need to stay well.

The Kent and Medway CCG would like to make these health checks the best possible experience for those that require them and would like to hear your feedback, whether you have attended an annual physical health check or not. Your feedback will help improve these services and ensure more people are supported to have their health check.

This survey is anonymous, and you cannot be identified from your comments. Please remember not to include any personal details within your feedback. If you need support to complete this survey, please ask a friend or carer to help. If you are interested in helping us further with this work by talking to one of our team about your experiences, please contact the Kent and Medway ICB team.


Published: Mar 1, 2024