Terms of Reference





To facilitate excellent communications with the practice and patients by communicating patient experience, interests and concerns and providing feedback to the practice on current procedures and proposed developments.

To assist the practice in promoting the safe and effective use of its services and resources, as well as highlighting and signposting to other services such as local pharmacies, minor injuries units, self-care and 111.

To promote the health and well-being of all patients of the practice.

To assist the practice in the achievement of national standards of quality and safety as set out by the Care Quality Commission

To represent the views of the patients in the wider health system, influencing decision making activities of the Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and Kent Community NHS Foundation Trust.



Each person registered as a patient of the practice is recognised as a member of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) and may attend its meetings.

Carers of patients registered at the practice can be a member of the PPG even if they are not a patient of the practice.



The PPG will be led by a Chair and Vice Chair, elected at the May Annual General Meeting. The post holders will be elected for 2 years. Additional members may be co-opted for the purpose of leading specific projects for the duration of the project.

The Management Team of the practice will be members of the PPG and a clinical and non-clinical manager will attend each meeting. Sometimes, for certain agenda items, the PPG may benefit from a particular member or members of the Management Team being present to contribute so this will always be considered where possible.

It is expected that those seeking election shall have attended at least 50% of meetings during the year.

Agendas for general meetings will be determined by the Chair and Vice-chair. Agenda items will be welcomed from all interested parties up to 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

The committee will produce an annual workplan in consultation with those attending general meetings. The means of achieving the plan to be through a variety of discussion in general meetings, the work of smaller action groups and the actions of individuals.

Notes of meetings will be posted in the reception area of the practice, on the practice website and through other means, e.g the Parish Council magazine, as widely as possible. They will be officially confirmed at the next general or committee meeting.

Notice of meeting dates with agendas will be posted in the practice, on the practice website and through other means as widely as possible 2 weeks prior to the meeting.


General Meetings

To be held regularly (minimum 6 per year) and be widely publicised.

The Management Team of the practice will be members of the PPG and a clinical and non-clinical manager will attend each meeting.

Representatives of associated pharmacies have guest status at all general meetings.

Meetings will receive reports from the Committee, the Practice Management Team, groups associated with the workplan and those who have attended meetings held elsewhere and related to the aims of the PPG. Attendees will discuss issues arising and make recommendations for further actions or decisions.

The meeting chair will ensure that time is set aside for PPG members to discuss matters relating to the management and work of the practice.

Terms of reference will be reviewed following the Annual General Meeting and changes made will be approved by the PPG.