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Please see the Accessing Medical Records Policy.

Patient Access enables you to use the internet to book appointments with your GP, request repeat prescriptions for regular medications and view your summary medical record online.  You can now apply for access to your detailed coded medical record online which includes the information from your summary medical record as well as additional information agreed with your doctor.  These requests are considered on a case by case basis by our access management lead and with your GP.  Where agreed, this process may take 2 - 4 weeks to complete.

image depicting patient records

Being able to see either your summary medical record or your detailed coded record online may help you to manage your medical conditions. It also means that you can access it online from anywhere in the world should you require medical treatment on holiday.  For legal reasons online access to detailed coded medical records is only available to patients over 18 years of age, although younger patients (16 and 17 year olds initially) can apply for access and will be considered carefully on a case by case basis.

You can apply to access your detailed coded records registering with Patient Access online or by requesting a paper copy from reception. You will need to complete the form and bring it to reception along with **current photo ID and proof of address such as a recent bank statement or utility bill.  Our reception staff will photocopy this information and pass to our administration team who will process your request. If you have already applied for online prescription and appointment booking services, but wish to now have access to your detailed coded record, you will have to apply for this enhanced level of access with the application form and ID requirements mentioned above.


Things to Consider

  • You will be responsible for the security of the information that you see or download.  If you print out any information from your record, it is your responsibility to keep this secure.  If you are at all worried about keeping printed copies safe, we recommend that you do not make copies at all.
  • If you choose to share your information with anyone else, this is at your own risk.
  • If you notice information on your record which you feel is inaccurate, or is not about you, please contact the surgery as soon as possible via our secure online form or by calling 01843 848 818
  • You may have forgotten something in your record that you might find upsetting or perhaps difficult to understand – this may occur before you have spoken to your doctor or while the surgery is closed and you are not able to contact us. If you require further clarification, please contact the surgery for a clearer explanation.
  • If you know or suspect that your record has been accessed by someone that you have not agreed should see it, then you should change your password immediately. If you are unable to do this for some reason, we recommend that you contact the surgery so we can remove online access until you are able to reset your password.
  • If you think you may be pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone else against your will, it is best that you do not register for access at this time.
  • The practice has the right to remove online access to services for anyone that doesn’t use them responsibly.

More information can be found on the NHS England website


**If you do not have any ID and are well known to your surgery, a member of staff may be able to confirm your identity. If you do not have any ID and are not well known to your surgery, they may ask you questions about the information in your GP record to confirm the record is really yours.