Covid Restriction Update from Birchington Medical Centre




Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make the surgery as safe as possible for all our patients and staff.  We will continue to do so going forward.

In terms of “opening up”, as many of you know we have never been shut and in fact have consulted with much higher numbers of patients than we did pre-covid (face to face, by phone, by e-consult)   However, people come to the surgery when they are sick and vulnerable and whilst we have vaccinated a large proportion of our adult population, some of our population cannot receive the vaccine due to medical reasons.  Therefore, in line with guidance from Public Health England and our Commissioners we will continue to request patients 

  • wear a mask when attending the surgery 
  • socially distance where possible  
  • use hand sanitiser on entry 

As a community we have all come so far in trying to minimise the impact of covid and we are sure you understand that we need to keep the surgery as safe as we can, particularly as infection rates are expected to rise over the coming months.

Thank you for your co-operation

Published: Jul 16, 2021